First discovered by US artist/songwriter Matt White, Ryan Curtis is an upcoming 25 year old songwriter/singer who is signed to Create Music.

Ryan is also a focussed vocal producer/mixer who has invested lots of time and money into his craft. This makes Ryan’s songs stand out quality wise and he strives to make them as sound as close to a full release as possible. This is one of Ryan’s strong points and has been noticed and commented on by many in the industry.

Ryan first started writing and singing at the age of 18 and is always involved in the entire music making process and technical side. He classes himself as a “technical songwriter”, from starting out on guitar, singing, orchestrating production, songwriting, recording/engineering and mixing.

At 21, Ryan was discovered by the talented songwriter/singer Matt White, and has since never looked back. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_White_%28musician%29)

For every project, Ryan’s involved in every stage making sure each moment in a song is delicately crafted and refined.